Our mission is to organize club teams in the Wenatchee Valley and surrounding areas, to support and promote those teams in all aspects of development and competition, in an effort to ultimately provide youth soccer players with affordable competitive soccer development opportunities.  WE CONTINUE TO BE THE MOST AFFORDABLE COMPETITIVE SOCCER CLUB IN THE AREA BECAUSE NO PLAYER SHOULD BE PRICED OUT OF PLAYING THE GAME THEY LOVE!

Our club recognizes the social benefits as well as the physical benefits of youth players having the opportunity to participate in an organized team sport. All players are encouraged to participate in the program. We are a family oriented club and always emphasize the “UNITED FAMILY” mentality. We provide club events throughout the year to help bring our team Families together and continue to seek out new ways to have an all-inclusive foundation within our program.


  • *We believe instilling the love of the game in the players is key
  • *We keep competitive soccer easily accessible
  • *Quality program that allows for strong player development
  • *Free Club events
  • *Quality DOC support for teams
  • *Access to different levels of play within WPL

If we all donate a little bit, it all adds up!

We are excited to participate in the NCW Give fundraiser event again this year! Last year we were able to earn $2,736.88 from the event and all those funds went into the player scholarship funds. If we bring in at least $1000 in donations, it gains us access to the “Give for All” funds and our club will also get a portion of those funds. This is a great opportunity for you to help make a difference by donating! Even a little bit helps! It is important to us that our club continues to help keep competitive youth soccer affordable. We have been able to keep registration rates low throughout the years because of Sponsorships and donations. We are so thankful for all the amazing volunteer coaches and administrators that have the same goal of keeping competitive soccer affordable for players and their families.

You will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt from the Community Foundation for your donation.

This fundraiser only runs until December 31st. If you know anyone that might like to donate, please share this info. If we all donate a little bit, it all adds up!

Thank you to our community sponsors!

Our Sponsors are helping to make a difference in the lives of young athletes.

Your Donation can help players and teams pay for their league and tournament fees, purchase uniforms and other needed equipment.

Uniform & Fan Wear

Wenatchee United Uniforms and Fan Wear.

Try Outs

Pre-registration is not required, but encouraged. Try-outs are Free! Coaches: If you would like to form a team under united, please contact us!

Wenatchee United SC is a proud supporter of Rec soccer